PDS Kaskade™ and Correlation Dynamics™ technologies provide a breakthrough solution for biologics research & development (R&D) and biosimilars characterization. Kaskade™ device meets industry needs, its fully automated, has minimal sample requirements, allowing for formulation testing & image data capture. It is an accessory that can be used with any microscope for imaging and spectral data acquisition. Correlation Dynamics™ software allows for data analysis which can then be API to other existing commercial software such as JMP™ from SAS. Being developed in phases.

PDS also provides unique yet simple solutions for your academic research needs. For academic research PDS is currently developing a Dual Cell Holder (DCH) shown in schematics below.

DCH protoype is design for an existing shuttle accessory available for many commercial FT-IR spectrophotometers. The DCH prototype will be available soon.