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ProteinMentor: Breakthrough Biologic Analysis


ProteinMentor is a high-throughput platform for biologic developability and comparability analysis.  It is a real-time hyperspectral imaging tool that provides multivariate analysis of critical quality attributes (CQA) necessary for candidate selection and development.

PDS developed the ProteinMentor platform technology using Quality by Design and focused on providing State of the Art technology to provide a comprehensive, reproducible, and statistically robust solution to our customers.

ProteinMentor utilizes a first-in-class quantum cascade laser microscope, 200 x faster than the existing FT-IR microscopes, to deliver high-throughput and label-free analysis of liquid samples over an array of formulations and drug concentrations.

The microscope-based platform is unique in its ability to visualize any particles or aggregates present. Sub-visible particles can be detected and characterized using their unique infrared spectra.

The highly automated platform supports any sample format including 96-well plates, tubes and vials. Samples of 1 microliter or less are transferred to a 24-plex array for interrogation.  

Analysis is executed at room temperature or all 24 samples may be ramped with exquisite thermal control to investigate relative protein stability under thermal stress.

Enhanced productivity is assured through a purpose-built user interface with fully automated data acquisition and analysis.